Geen klus op de agenda geeft zoveel kriebels als The Floor op Best Kept Secret. Je eigen sleutels krijgen van een podium op zo’n fantastisch festival. Drie dagen lang favoriete DJ’s en selectors uitnodigen. En het zelf allemaal aan elkaar breien als mijn oma in haar beste dagen. Uiteraard heb ik voor iedereen ook zelf de bio’s geschreven. Kan niet wachten de mooiste dansvloer van het feestelijk halfrond weer te mogen delen!!!


As young as she is, Marith has more soul than many so called arrived DJ’s. The quiet presence of this talented producer and selector suits her sets of organic hip hop & supreme r&b. Little Simz, Nas, Kendrick Lamar, BXKS and The Streets become one when Marith is behind the decks. Check her on Operator, marvel at her own productions, but make sure you’re right there on the dancefloor.


“We can come an end” Louis van Gaal said somewhere in 2022. Was he talking about football or dreaming about Coloray? The dancefloor knows. Raynor the Groot is an absolute giant when it comes to synthpop, electro, disco and EBM. His own productions dominate the sound of many late nights at your favorite club. As an artist he has played as many electronic festivals as he did pop or indie festivals. Is Love Ever Enough? No Coloray, it is not. Please keep on banging those Paradise Drums for us. 

Karaba (CA)

Grenoble born, Montreal raised and Los Angeles based producer and DJ. Her sound is an empowering blend of Afro Beats, Afro House and on her latest floorkiller Parte de Trás also some light Amapiano touches. Having started her career dancing with some of pop music’s heaviest hitters such as Drake, Camilla Cabello, and Selena Gomez, Karaba knows how to move any type of crowd. The body. The soul. Inspiring people is her main goal. And inspiring people she will. 

Jarreau Vandal

There was not one club, concert venue or festival in 2019 that was not blasting the Jarreau Vandal Edit of Kanye West and Denzel Curry out of their willing speakers. It sky rocketed the already promising career of Dutch songwriter, producer and DJ Ellroy Uyleman. Not one to dwell on previous successes, Jarreau now fully focuses on his Suriname roots. Expect a sunday service of Caribbean floor fillers, selected by a restless genius. 

Camy Huot

No musical style more urgent than that mixture between wave, postpunk and EBM. Throw a grain of teenage angst in the broken blender and you get the haunting sound of Camy Huot. This visual artist and DJ is truly one of a kind in the Utrecht scene. Whether it is as a radiostar for Stranded FM or opening for the edgy Freaky Dancing happenings, she’s in parties, never in the can. 


Riptide is as much in love with synthpop as synthpop is with Riptide. Stemming from the glory days of the electro clash movement he floats comfortly in the open space between disco, pop and indie. Always with a quirky, novelty feel. His remix for Rocket To Uranus has reached a cult status, but it is with his current edits of artists like Froukje, Jackie Moore and Personal Trainer that his full potential is starting to blossom. 

Terr (DE)

The Floor is encredibly psyched to have Terr. The Berlin via Brazil DJ and producer has made some of the best post pandemic ravey disco tunes out there. This Is Only For Tonight is a first rate banger that unites indie kids as much as clubheads on the dancefloor. Made for Best Kept Secret. Made for The Floor. Playing directly after her personal heroes, The Chemical Brothers. 

Charlote Adigéry & Bolis Pupul (BE)

Ceci n’est pas un DJ. They’re better than that. They make the best dance music this side of the Beekse Bergen. At the very beginning of their career Charlotte Adigéry and Bolis Pupul already played The Floor (then named Stage Four). A performance that still sends a smile to everyone who was there (looking at you James Murphy). Such an honour to have them back with a -yes- DJ set!

VPRO Flowerboy

The Floor has a history of first time DJ’s. It is here where Khruangbin, Ionica Smeets, Black Lips and Spinvis all had their debut behind the decks. Some of them even took lessons at the record filled fan cave that is the appartement of host St. Paul. This time it is the mythical figure of VPRO Flowerboy that will grace us with his virgin selection of personal faves. 

Tienson & Pyke (Jungle By Night)

It is an incredible achievement how Jungle By Night is maintaining their status as premier festival act. No matter the crowd, they’ll make them dance. So. Start making sense. Time to invite percussionist Tienson and keyboardist Pyke for a hyper kinetic DJ set that will no doubt reflect their journey as a group, from those organic funk, afro and jazz grooves to a more electronic sound. No hangmat needed on this Odyssey!

Tereza (DE)

The Floor can’t wait to welcome German DJ Tereza. One of the best selectors out there, culminating in the show she hosted last year for Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide FM. Celebrated for her fine ear for underground disco, house or -how she would call it herself- “breaky stuff” and the ability to conquer with a smile. After club shows all over Germany and festivals in the UK, it’s high time to let Tereza take us on her musical safari without any prisoners. 

Fleur du Bonheur

God is a DJ, female and arrives on a bike. Fleur du Bonheur has got it all covered. The Tilburg resident is as much a DJ as she is a selector. Somewhere in between disco, house and organic grooves she finds her shtick. And her vinyl. One nation under a groove. Or as she would have it herself: bringing vibes to dance fleurs! 

Sylvana Simons

What a power woman she is. Nothing but R.E.S.P.E.C.T. for her mission in politics. Against all odds. But! Today she is with us as the music fanatic she has been from day one, with a big heart for soul, disco and R&B. Knowing that Rock Steady by Aretha Franklin is her favorite jam of all time, we the people will be left with no choice but to step and move our hips with a feeling from side to side. Let us give Sylvana the warmest welcome only festivals can produce. 

Theme Time Golden Hour: Gijsbert Kamer & Ferry Roseboom (Britpop Set)

Never in the spotlight. Always behind the scenes. These two music obsessives are comforting mainstays in an ever changing pop cultural landscape. Ferry is head honcho of Excelsior Recordings. And Gijsbert a journalist for De Volkskrant. Both with a no nonsense attitude. Both with an ear for beauty. Luckily for us, the one part of the body that keeps on growing. Expect an hour of Teenage Kicks and Supersonic Britpop.

Theme Time Golden Hour: L-Dopa (Old Skool Jungle Set)

No revival in music has had a better year so far than old skool jungle beats. You hear the forerunner of drum ‘n bass in productions of favorite artists like Nia Archives, Yaeji and even Caroline Polachek. High time to invite a true Dutch legend when it comes to playing those super sharp old skool beats. L-Dopa still hosts his own jungle radioshow on Operator. But 2023 desperately needs him back behind those festival decks! 

Theme Time Golden Hour: Eppo Janssen (BE) (Belgian Dance Set)

Eppo Killed The Radiostar. Still going strong with his widely beloved show Duyster for Studio Brussel, Eppo consistently proves that there is more to radio than bad acting and self serving jokes. His big heart for left field dance music will open up for Best Kept Secret with an exclusive set of Belgian floor fillers through the years. For those who can’t live in a living room. Sweat to be a winner!

Berg & Beuk

There aren’t many true eclectic djs anymore. So how lucky for us that in the case of Berg & Beuk you get two! As proven on many festivals by now, Ilana van den BERG and Katja HagenBEUK walk on the wild side of musical history like there’s no tomorrow. 

Leroy Rey

There aren’t many DJ’s better skilled than Leroy Rey. But he is as much about vulnerability as he is about technique. His sets are an emotional journey through beats, rhymes and life. Whether you catch him at your local bar or on one of his residencies in Paris, you can expect an impeccable mix of house, disco, new wave and jazz. 


One of the most lively new initiatives of TivoliVredenburg. Right in the beating heart of the Zeitgeist. ICONIC is a club night hosting queer pop only. DJ’s Vera Siemons and Liza van den Brink play a colorful mix ranging from Christine and the Queens to Girl In Red and back. Unapologetically stealing the word ICON from the religious and handing it over to the inclusive. Welcome to their island! 

Juma Iking (Live)

Juma Iking holds an absolute cult status in his hometown Nijmegen. And rightly so. His live sets are a highly kinetic trip through the wires of black musical heritage. Playing guitars, synthesizers and drumcomputers while cooking up a feel good blend of disco, house, reggae and even punk-funk rhythms. It has to be seen to be believed. You think there is a full band playing, but it’s just a case of me, myself and Iking!

Dea Barandana (ID)

Indonesian producer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist Dea Barandana truly is a Best Kept Secret. Residing at the infamous Potato Head Beach Club in Bali, but increasingly playing his fusion grooves all over the world. A sound that is as melancholy as it is infectious. A meandering journey across forgotten recordstores and dusty crates to modern club music and back. Time to bring some island life into the Beekse Bergen! 

Personal Trainer (DJ Set)

“If you said you tried like you’ve never before. You say you never want to die like you don’t care anymore. What’cha gonna do?” In a country that is desperately struggling with its own identity, we need bands like Personal Trainer. To open our ears. To open our hearts. To ask the right questions. On their LCD Soundsystem moment Rug Busters they give the only answer that always makes sense: DANCE! 

DJ St. Paul

From day one St. Paul has been and still is the dedicated host of The Floor. Inviting all the guest DJ’s and artists. Writing their bio’s. Making them peanut butter sandwiches. Playing before, in between and after. But most of all fulfilling his mission in life; showing that there is only one style of music that truly matters. Good music. 

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