Nog even en ik heb een kantoorbaan. Maar dan héb je ook wat! Zo trots en blij met alle nieuwe namen voor mijn podium op Best Kept Secret. Een meer internationaal gezelschap heb ik nog nooit mogen ontvangen. Zie hieronder alle natuurschoon nog even uitgelicht. Kan niet wachten om met dit gezelschap op safari te kunnen gaan.

St. Paul Without His Broken Bones B2B DJ St. Paul

Written in the stars. Somewhere in an unknown universe. Where all musicians, DJ’s and saints are dancing as one nation under a groove. The dedicated host of The Floor DJ St. Paul will be playing a back to back set of soul favourites together with singer St. Paul, for once without his band The Broken Bones. A one time romance that can only grow on a music festival. Flow with it!

Cami Layé Okún

Cami Layé Okún is a DJ, selector and radio host hailing from Cuba. This passionate digger of exotic rarities has played in some of the finest spots across Europe (Glastonbury!) and the world, bringing her infectious Cuban & Afro-Latin sounds to the dance floor, as well as to the airwaves with her fortnightly ‘Insolar’ radio show on NTS. After a memorable performance at the Le Guess Who? Festival we couldn’t wait to bring her back to Holland again. Taking us on a fenceless safari with her record collection that would make even the snobbiest of DJs lose their edge out of pure jealousy. 

Sammy Virji

The Floor is proud to present probably UK’s hottest ticket at the moment when it comes to bass driven music. As a producer Sammy Virji can be heard at night in clubs all over Europe right now, but then also again when you wake up on high rotation at BBC Radio One. As a DJ his distinctive sound of grime, dubstep and garage flavoured music has brought him from the Fabric in London to the Electric Daisy Carnaval in Las Vegas. At Best Kept Secret Sammy will blow your mind during golden hour, just in time to join his friends from Disclosure. 

Roxeanne Hazes DJ Set

If it was up to us, Roxeanne Hazes would go home with every Edison Award available. Not many artists dare to challenge their roots as much as she did over the past decade. Always eager to experiment with genres, styles and emotions. An attitude which no doubt will grace her DJ set also. Roxeanne is a frequent visitor of the Best Kept Secret festival and rumoured to go in training for her DJ debut at the floor. Time for us to give some of that devotion back to her. So she can live the final words of her latest album and be free. 

Julie Pavon (Live)

Julie Pavon has already set herself apart as one of the most exciting artists and performers on the Danish pop scene. With a charged, fiery voice and direct, expressive songwriting, she twists sophisticated deep house beats into fresh, unorthodox pop songs that throb with pathos. BBC Radio 6 premiered her music and Soundvenue (DK) called her “the country’s most fierce and savage live performer.” After Roskilde and Lollipalooza it is high time to present her to the loving crowd of The Floor. 


It’s like a jungle sometimes. Well, more like, always! The sound that once revolutionised the 90s is back with a vengeance. You can hear it in productions everywhere, even way up in the charts. DJ and producer Coco Bryce is not out there for that one viral moment, but has been a steady force from day one. As big of a name in the UK as over here. Playing a high energy mix of jungle, drum & bass and all things rave. Urging you not only to believe, but to líve the hype.

Joes Brauers (Dutch Masters DJ Set)

One of our most beloved actors. Who can make everyday people like us believe that we can be “Kruimeltje”, predict the future of house music and become “De Slimste Mens”, while keeping a gentle smile. In the movie Hardcore Never Dies he transformed (or did he?) from a classical pianist to a gritty gabber. This was the direct inspiration for The Floor to ask Joes to play a set full of Dutch Masters. From the old to the new. The soft to the hardcore. Pa to Poing! We are the gabbers, my friend.


Music has always been an essential thread in Pelanoir’s life; it is an indispensable component for her peace of mind. She finds her outlet in discovering new sounds and experimenting with them. Pelanoir is interested in a wide range of music, from jazz to hip-hop, broken beats to breakbeats, UK sounds to (soulful/deep/hip/chicago) house, to Detroit techno, and more. “Good music is good music” it reads in her bio. A motto that suits The Floor like no other. Let us welcome our favourite up-and-coming DJ!

Joost Oomen (DJ Set & Action Poetry)

A true romantic with the heart of a poet and the mind of a jazz cat. Joost Oomen writes his poems with the same quirky tenderness as he plays the drums. Especially for The Floor Joost will combine his love for poetry and music in a DJ set that will take you from a Cuban nightclub to a Nigerian bloc party within one hour. Armed with his precious vinyl and some on the spot action poetry. Do not go gentle in that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light!

Left Of The Dial DJ Set

On and on and on and on. What side are you on? While the main stage will go in full Disclosure, we will take it to a completely different direction with the founders of Left Of The Dial. The Rotterdam festival is fast rising without losing their edge and has seen debut performances from many future indie and postpunk favourites. Expect a left field extravaganza of total rock ‘n roll madness. See you Left Of The Dial at The Floor!


Playing a joyful blend of Italo, electro and synthpop, MALOU is not held back by genre labels. The feel good lovechild of Ian Curtis and Gigi D’Agostino already played venues like TivoliVredenburg, NAR and Radio TNP. L’Amour will tear us apart! If you want to explore the planetary of synthesizers and colourful sounds, MALOU is your intergalactic guide.

Ararat Taxi Service

Dedicated to the exploration of Armenian music, Ararat Taxi Service skillfully weaves classic grooves of 70s and 80s disco, funk, rock and traditional music from the Armenian diaspora into their sets. The sound of your favourite non existing Quentin Tarantino soundtrack.

Perfect Indie Disco (Vera Siemons B2B DJ St. Paul)

For some years now Perfect Indie Disco is a sold out event at the beloved EKKO venue in Utrecht. With its eclectic approach to all things indie it serves as a reminder that there still is a lust for life beyond the EDM dogma, also at night. For this special occasion host DJ St. Paul will play a B2B set with his personal favourite DJ and indie missionary Vera Siemons. A truly different voice on national radio and television with a big heart for the songs that define your life. Boygenius, Little Simz, New Order, Last Dinner Party, Talking Heads and Fontaines DC? Perfect Indie Disco!

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